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DERG by MagicMooseofDoom
Practice with that new painting style, I would love some feedback on how the style looks, especially on coloring. I find my work's often too saturated.
Please don't redistribute!
Worfs by MagicMooseofDoom
I finally moved into college, and have a moment to stop and breathe. It's really nice <3
Bubba by MagicMooseofDoom
Trying out a new style; I painted my best friend. He looks awfully pretty with bright gemstones. Search up alpine opals, you won't be disappointed.

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The Odd One Out by MagicMooseofDoom
The Odd One Out
A self portrait, my art's becoming looser, more Moose-friendly. Insecurity has less control over what I draw and how I draw it, so I'm able to forgive mistakes and focus on my strengths.

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Maddie (Moose.)
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United States

Good day! This is my gallery, please feel free to look around! <3
Sit down at the table, son.

Scary shit, right? when your parents are like: hey by the way we need to fucking talk.

Anyhow, I want to address something. This isn't one of those dumb "public service announcements" where someone says something ambiguously agreeable as an objective rule of morality because "someone's feelings might be hurt if you say or do something a certain way," no, I want to talk about something that just kinda pisses me off. Take away from it what you will.

So, if you've ever drawn a picture, you've probably been on either end of this conversation:

Person 1: Hey, I like what you're drawing!

Person 2: Well golly gee, thanks, Person 1!

Person 1: My art is absolutely horrendous in comparison! I cannot draw/am literal trash/????

Person 2: I am uncomfortable that you are putting yourself down, but I won't say anything about it out of common courtesy!

I've been both Person 1 and 2 at varying times in my life.

Here's the issues I see with these kinds of interactions:
1. Putting yourself down will not make the other person feel good. If it makes the other person feel good, they're probably a mean person.
2. Putting yourself down will not make yourself feel good.. and I understand.. it's hard not to criticize yourself, everyone is a bit harsh on themselves when it comes to what they draw and how they improve, and it's easy to feel a number of negative emotions because you can't grasp something quite yet.
3. Seeing your art as inferior is bullshit. I'm not saying this in a sort of "special snowflake" sort of way, but anyone can draw. Anyone can sing. Anyone can play an instrument. It is not a matter of talent, but a matter of practice and motivation. Nobody busts out of the womb painting and drawing like some kind of weird baby savant.

Believe it or not, the person whose art you look up to probably looked like shit at one point.

Often times, people will come to me and say they wish they can draw. I tell them to start.
The thing is that, when we really are motivated to do something, when we put time aside to do that thing, when we keep going despite feeling frustrated and inferior, we eventually become good at that thing. Motivation.

Please stop putting yourself down, please stop comparing your art to mine. I am extremely uncomfortable. Practice. Motivate. Draw.

wash. rinse. repeat.

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